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Tired of the Hassle of Payroll, HR, and Employee Benefits? We ease your pain.

Streamline Your Business

Payroll and Tax, Employee Benefits, Business Insurance, HR and more...

The Best Right Solutions

Coverage and options that will make everyone happy.

Paying your employees made simple and fun!

A few clicks and your people are paid and your taxes are paid and filed automatically

Your assets are covered and peace of mind is attained.

Our meticulous methods and options provide the best insurance solutions for your business

Get set up Quickly!

Manage your people with ease

A Complete HR Platform Saves You Time

Stonebridge streamlines your workflow connecting Payroll, HR, Benefits, and Insurance in one platform. Less time will be necessary on lower priorities and more attention can be directed to the higher priorities.

And much more...

Managing your employees is complicated. Stonebridge assists in the areas that truly matter

Hire and Retain Top Talent

We make onboarding new employees or contractors incredibily easy. They are ready to go on day one. Our benefits programs help to retain them as well!

Stay Compliant

Stonebridge helps to keep businesses compliant. We automate many of the compliance tasks and government filings for you. Our built-in safeguards prevent accidental mistakes, while our compliance calendar ensures you will never miss an important deadline.

Improve Productivity

Many of our features like self onboarding, and updating personal information can happen completely online, which means less administrative distractions and more focus on their core tasks!

Reduce Errors

Moving to our fully digital HR platform means greatly reducing errors common with manual entry and paperwork. Errors that can have disastrous impact on your business.

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