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About Stonebridge Partners

We Started this Company to Help Other Small Businesses Serving YOU is our PRIVILEGE!

Our Mission

Stonebridge Partners gives you back the time and energy you need to run your business. Our goal is to partner with you and allow your business to thrive, and it all starts by discovering what is unique about your business needs and how we can craft a viable and meaningful solution. We have experts handling each step of our implementation process and you will recognize very quickly how our team will help your team achieve your business goals.

Our Goal is Responsiveness

Too often, big providers don't respond as quickly as you need them to.
Our goal is to be there when you need us, for as long as you need us.

Partner in Your Success

We don't succeed until your business succeeds

Build Trust

Our business model is built on the foundation of trust. Period.


We work with people we enjoy - it goes both ways!

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Tom Gerhardt

I co-founded Stonebridge Partners in 2019 and my primary focus is to help small businesses and small business owners streamline their operations. I found there are way too many examples of inefficiently run businesses and many need hand holding to help them steer themselves toward a profitable and enjoyable future! I am happy to help guide businesses toward their goals.

It's our HONOR and PRIVILEGE to service your business.
Tom Gerhardt
Co-Founder - Stonebridge Partners



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