New Business

Starting a Business? You're in the Right Place

Starting a business is not easy. We are a small business, too, so we can empathize with your challenges! We have the experience to help guide you through the many obstacles you may face. We are excited to help!

The People Platform

Stonebridge Makes It Easy to Pay Your Team, Manage Benefits, and Protect Your New Business

Now’s the perfect time to get your business organized and ready to grow. Whether you plan to work in an office, a shop, on the go, or at home, our all-in-one people platform was built for you.

Get Your New Hires Set Up For Success

Now for the fun part: building your team. Send offer letters, manage onboarding, and set up software in just a few clicks. Your employees create their own accounts, and we help with forms and compliance.

Automatically Files Taxes Every Time Your Run Payroll

Ready to pay your employees? Good news! We’ve already calculated everyone’s wages, taxes, and deductions. Direct deposits can be made as soon as the next business day for qualifying businesses. Then, we file and send your payroll taxes to all the right local, state, and federal agencies.

Expert Advice for New Businesses

Don’t have all the answers? That’s okay! We’ve put together easy guides and helpful articles for new businesses like yours.

The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business

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When you're the boss, getting your first paycheck can be a ...

How to Successfully Hire Your First Independent Contractor

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Let's Get Into the Details

Automated taxes and filings

No math. No stress. We’ll make sure everything’s filed.

All the forms you need

Go paperless. We e-sign, e-file, and e-fax the forms you need.

Flexible payroll features

Unlimited payroll and next-day direct deposit. Multiple states and pay schedules.

Advanced payroll features

Tax credits. Reports. Integrations. Our service gets pretty advanced.

Employee management

We have tools that make Stonebridge easy for your employees too.

Online and on the go

Use Stonebridge anywhere. It’s all synced and stored online.

Much More than Payroll

Teams are at the heart of every small business. That’s why we built the people platform — one place with everything you need to build an incredible workplace.

Prices as low as $90/month

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