Benefits Admin

Benefits Administration

What is Ease?

Ease is a benefits administration and HR software solution that makes it simple to set up and manage employee benefits, onboard new hires, stay compliant, and offer employees one destination for all their human resources information.

Ease works with 75,000 small businesses that have more than 2.5 million employees enrolling in benefits online.

How does Ease work for you and your employees?

Ease’s benefits administration solution offers a better benefits experience for all.

Better Healthcare Decisions
Ease helps your employees make smarter decisions by putting copays, coverage, SBCs, and costs at their fingertips.

Faster Employee Enrollment
Employees only enter their information once, they must complete all fields, and they can digitally sign their forms.

24/7 Access to Benefits Information
Employees can access Ease via web, mobile, or iOS and Android mobile apps to view important benefit details year-round.

Why Online Benefits Enrollment?

• Eliminate paper forms.
• Reduce errors with a rules-based system.
• Employees can compare plans side-by-side and see the
cost for a benefit plan per pay period.
• Access real-time updates on open enrollment progress.
• Employees can e-sign their forms.
• Store information documents—like Summaries of Benefits &
Coverage (SBC), in the cloud for employees to securely
access at any time.
• Receive free, online training from Ease.
• Access Help Desk 24/7.

Employee Enrollment Experience

Do you want to empower your employees to take control of their
own health, but you’re having trouble finding a solution that
makes benefits information accessible and comprehensible?

The employee benefits enrollment experience with Ease allows
side-by-side plan comparisons with coverage details and the
cost per pay period. A unique login allows employees to discuss
benefit options at home with their dependents and view important
benefit details like plan summaries and policy numbers.

Overview of Ease

How it works for you and your employees

Employee Enrollment Experience

What to expect.

Online enrollment and onboarding with Ease

Simple makes happy

Case Study Stats

USTA Texas

With Ease, USTA Texas HR department saves at least 20-30 hours per year during
open enrollment. USTA Texas employees save time too, an estimated 2 hours per open
enrollment period. “Since adopting Ease, the HR department at USTA Texas has been
able to provide safety and trust, something our old process didn’t allow us to do.”


Magnum Drywall

Magnum Drywall saves approximately 80 hours during open enrollment with Ease.
“I love that all I have to do is add an employee, and then Pinnacle Brokers and Ease
practically take care of the rest”.

Discover Hope

“The fact that I can see whether employees have correctly completed their insurance
forms right away reduces 50% of the time I spend on open enrollment. I know exactly
what they’re missing, and can immediately communicate those facts to them.”


Cyber Advisors

“With Ease I save about 20 hours of work during open enrollment
thanks to online submission of insurance forms. Additionally, each
employee at Cyber Advisor saves at least one hour.”

Dayta Marketing

“It’s normal for an employee to not know what benefits they want
to elect right away. With Ease, they’re able to review plan options,
compare costs, and complete enrollment from home. No one is
tied to paper or their desks.”

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